4 Things to Include in Every Text Offer

1. Identify. Subscribers need to know where the text is coming from. Start each text with your company/organization name in all CAPS followed by a colon (:)

*Special Note. If your website and your company name are the same, you can use your website instead of your name to identify your business. This way a link to your website is automatically created. In this case just capitalize the first letter of each word in your business name (unless your business name has only one word). Example:

NatesBarberShop.com or STELLAS.com

2. Make it Special. Include something that makes the text special or identifies it as a VIP Text Club only special. (ex. Show this text and get 50% off a large pizza) (ex.Buy 1 day of Doggy Day Care and get 1 free. Show text to redeem.) (ex. Mother's Day Special. All Mom's get 15% off any item!)

3. The Offer. (ex. Show this text and get 50% off a large pizza!) (ex.Buy 1 day of Doggy Day Care and get 1 free! Show text to redeem.) (ex. Mother's Day Special. All Mom's get 15% off any item!)





4. Expiration Date. This will add urgency. Generally, it's a good practice to have the offer expire in 3 days or less. 

RESTAURANT: Show this text and get a free dessert with your meal! Exp 8/15/18

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