Getting Customers Aboard - 3 Easy Steps

1. Generally the best place to tell the customers about the VIP Text Club is right at the register before they pay. This is also the best place for a sign.

2. Here’s an easy phrase to say, “Have you joined our VIP Text Club yet?” If they say “no” then reply “If you go ahead and do this right now”, (point to the sign) “you’ll get (whatever your offer is), and you’ll get exclusive VIP specials from us from time to time!” If it's busy, and you want a short, but effective phrase try "Did you see this?" (while pointing to the sign)

3. Most customers will be able to subscribe on their own. Still, have the staff opt in so they are aware of current offers and they can help customers opt in if necessary.The staff should be telling each customer to sign up for the VIP Text Club like in the above example. This will bring you far better results than relying on just the signage.

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