It's no surprise that business owners get busy! The Text Message Marketing program will work provided messages are sent out consistently. So we put together this sheet to help those business owners That might find themselves too busy to stay on track or come up with new ideas and offers. You can download the sheet below.


1. Set some time aside. Try to come up with at least 20 generic offers to fill in on this sheet. Involving your staff will make this an easier process. The purpose is to have a quick reference you can look at to send your offers out consistently. Most brick & mortar businesses should be sending out at least 1 - 2 offers a week. If you're unsure of how often you should be sending out offers, please ask your account representative.

2. You should always try to keep your offers contained in 1 "text bubble". All text messages by default allow for 160 characters before they are seperated into a second "text bubble". 20 of those character spaces are already taken by the " stop2end, help4help " words that will automatically appear at the end of each of your text messages. So this sheet will only allow 140 characters to be saved into each message area. If you get an error message after pressing 'Enter' or attempting to click into another area, this means you've exceeded the 140 characters.

Keep it short and simple

3. Consider using this sheet as a back up for when you're  not sure of what to send, or you don't have time to come up with something.  Sending out new offers, or offers that highlight a special event, current holiday or sporting event are generally noticed more.

4. Remember the 4 Things to Include in Every Text Offer: 1. Identify your company name (in all caps). 2. Make it special (like Show this text, VIP Text Offer, Mother's Day, etc.) 3. The Offer (include your actual offer) 4. Expiration Date (Expiring your offer in 3 days or less  is very effective) 

Download the Text Message Marketing Offers Sheet here. (In the event that your phone cannot download the file, copy the URL (web address) and email it to yourself to open on a computer)



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