Send Out Cards

Send REAL thank you and greeting cards from your computer.

Send Real Greeting Cards from Your Computer or Mobile Device.


Show customers your appreciation by sending a real greeting card. This used to be the norm, but no one's doing it any more. Be the one to stand out. Be be the one to make their day.

Pick it or Make it.

Choose from over 12,000 pre-made cards. Make a completely custom one, or do a little of both.

Add Your Own Handwriting.

Want to make it really personal? Select an add-on feature to type out your messages in your own handwriting. You can even include your signature. Pretty neat huh?

Add a Gift


Have a special client? Are they all special? Include a gift with your card. Send them delicious brownies or other gourmet foods. How about a gift card to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant? The possibilities are endless. Well, not really, but there are a lot of options.

Add Your Logo or Picture.

It's a great way to brand yourself or your company. What? Don't have an impressive logo? Check out our New Wave Logo & Branding Service. Now if you don't have an impressive face, there's nothing we can do about that.

Reminders and Automation.

The SendOutCards System includes a full contact manager. It will automatically remind you of those important dates for your client. Send out mass cards with the campaign feature, and each receipient still get's greeted by name in their card.

Have and Attitude of Gratitude.


Show your customers appreciation, and they'll show it back to you with referrals and their loyalty.


Select PREFERRED CUSTOMER and Set Your Own Points to '20' for this option.



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