Lyoness Loyalty Card

We feel that this ingredient alone will help largely increase your customer base and your revenue. Watch the video below, and contact us directly to learn more. You'll be glad you did!


 Acquire new customers

 Reduce underutilization

 Bind customers

✔ Lower costs

 Increase sales

 Generate additional income



As a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant, you are not only part of a global Shopping Community with millions of Members but you will also be marketed cross-media on all channels.


That means more visibility, a greater scope, accurate addressing of target groups and therefore, more sales without high additional costs. Take advantage of this opportunity now!

Present 365 days a year!


Put your company logo along with your own regular customer card into your customers’ wallets! Benefit from your own design.


All your regular customers will see your logo and will be reminded to shop with you every time they do. Your revenue will increase as a result! Simply use the MTERM to register the details of your regular customers.

More sales through easier communication with your customers!


Send your customers newsletters that are precisely tailored to target groups and show what you have to offer.


By doing so, you always create incentives to shop at your business and increase the customer frequency, as well as sales!

Retrieve and analyze important key figures with only one click!


Detect and correct undesired sales developments and thus improve the efficiency of your marketing activities.


This way you can actively control the course of your business.

Easily Manage all customers – from sales, to email addresses and even birthdays!


With the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Lyoness, you will be able to send offers targeted to top customers or to the reactivation of almost lost customers.


Actively manage your sales with the CRM of your Customer Loyalty Program!



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